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The concept that there are people who’s entire career is based on stalking individuals (mostly women, let’s be real) and photographing them at the beach when they’re just trying to have fun with their families so they can sell the photos to media companies that then scrutinize and rate their bodies as if they belong to the public in the first place is so mind-numbingly outrageous, I just start making angry volcano noises every time I think about it too much.


look how beautiful and happy she looks while not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks.







pretty tired of seeing this hair trope on asian characters

EDIT: because three examples wasn’t enough for some of you:


Why is this a thing?

As soon as I saw this post I thought about Mei Melancon as Psylocke in X-men: The Last Stand

but really. why is this even a trope?anyone know the origin of this?

As an east asian woman with blue hair, i am probably not the right person to be complaining about this trope, but whatever, this is the Internet.

I think the theme stems from a few places:

- to let the white ppl know a) sometimes asians aren’t just “submissive china dolls” cue the shock and horror, and b) that this particular character is cool and quirky and not like all the other boring no-name asians

- to further exoticize and other the character from the probably all-white cast

- in the EXTREMELY unlikely event there are two asian women in the cast, the people in charge don’t want the white people in the audience to be confused with who is who and since all asians look the same, they have to give one of them weird hair

I have never noticed this thing but it is SUCH a THING!


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